EEO Report

KOFI (AM) and KZMN (FM), Kalispell, Montana
KOLK, Lakeside, Montana
December 1, 2013, through November 30, 2014
Section I:    Full-Time Vacancies Filled

(One full time position was filled)
Position – Sales Position
Recruitment Source for Hiree – On Air Advertising
Number of  Interviewees – 1
Section II:     Recruitment Sources (Each is used for each full-time vacancies.  None have specifically requested to be notified of vacancies.)
Contact Information
Number of Interviewees Referred During Reporting Period
Job Service
Roberta Diegel
427 First Ave.
East Kalispell, MT
Telephone: 406-758-6200
No Interviewees this reporting period
Work Place Inc.
310 South Main
Kalispell, MT
Telephone: 406-755-4884
No Interviewees this reporting period
Montana Broadcasters Association
Greg MacDonald
HC 70, Box 98
Bonner, MT 59823
Telephone: 406-244-4662
No Interviewees this reporting period
All Access
Internet Source
All Access dot com
No Interviewees this reporting period
On Air Advertising
On-Air Advertising

Total Interviewees: _1____

SECTION III: Outreach Initiatives
1.     KOFI, Inc. Station staff provides tours of all stations to such groups as the Boy Scouts, for which a tour was conducted on July 21rst at 2pm by Scott Davis.  Also a tour for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters was conducted on November 10th at 3pm, by Scott Davis.
2.    KOFI, Inc. conducted our tenth annual turkey raising event for the Flathead Food Bank (over 200 turkeys were donated)
3.    KOFI, Inc. again participated in our very own intern program, our intern for the period was Nichole Winter

4.    KOFI, Inc. staff is also involved with Rotary programs each year, including providing music at the Rotary’s Christmas program.  KOFI, Inc. staff is involved with the Kalispell Downtown Association and attends meetings of the Downtown Better Improvement District, and the Columbia Falls Chamber.  Plus Rotary’s bell ringing for Salvation Army charity and the Ambassador Program at the Kalispell Chamber

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